About Us


The root of Foxynista is a family that really adore the beauty and character of fox. Was inspired by a childhood story on how wise this creatures are in hunting their food. We call our selves Foxy because we like to mix fox in fashion wear, kids and babies apparel, accessories and home-ware.

In Foxynista we proudly say, we hunt products for our store with passion in offering the best quality and trendy design for the sake of fashion. A design that mimic the character and the beauty of the adorable animal without causing harm to them. We are family who love animals and condemn cruelty against them. We do not kill animals for our product. Foxynista is using fox themed product to also support campaigning in raising awareness to the people from wildlife cruelty. In order to preserve the life of the helpless animals. Our team will do the best to continue showing love to foxes and all other wild animals.

The branding of our products is inspired from our late grandfather which happened to be a fisherman. He loves his grandchildren so much. He thought our names were his lucky charm so he printed our names in every single fishing float. His fishing float is made out of bamboo with fishing cord on it and a huge hook for big fishes. During the fishing night he randomly pick floaters to bring. Whoever name will catch a fish gets a reward. We are always so excited every time he goes on fishing.

Foxynista's Future...

At the moment, we are growing faster than we can keep up with. We are constantly adding new products into our inventory, making improvements to the site and expanding our plans, ideas and dreams. We have some great things in store for the future and it just keeps getting better! Stay tuned and keep hunting in our store!!!